St Gregory's Hall, Chavagnes provides a rich and extensive Liberal Arts formation for young men at the heart of Europe

A community of learning

Chavagnes International College, through its Liberal Arts Studium and partnerships with several European universities, provides young men with an environment where they can focus on their studies in a community with other students and teachers: living, studying, praying together in a collegiate setting. With lectures and tutorials held at Chavagnes International College and the Institut Catholique d'Etudes Supérieures (in nearby La Roche sur Yon), students also receive additional support back home at the Studium, where they participate in a rich co-curricular programme of sports, intellectual, cultural and social activities.

  • A collegiate hall of residence for young male students
  • Full co-curricular programme of sports, intellectual and cultural activites
  • Catholic community, working, praying and eating together
  • Teaching based at Chavagnes and La Roche sur Yon
  • Plus overseas residentials in Lublin, Poland and around Europe
  • Partnership with our local Catholic university (, with award of a French "Diplôme universitaire"
  • Partnership with Catholic University of Lublin (, with award of an internationally recognised BA degree

Living and studying at the Chavagnes Studium

Why study the Liberal Arts?

“We call those studies liberal, then, which are worthy of a free man: they are those through which virtue and wisdom are either practised or sought and by which the body and mind is disposed to the best things. “

Pier Paolo Vergerio, The Character and Studies Befitting a Free-Born Youth (c. 1402.)


At Chavagnes the study of the humanities is in the great tradition of liberal education. This kind of education is not simply a dry theory, nor is it restricted to those subjects now named humanities, although its principles are mostly clearly seen in our teaching of these disciplines.

Liberal education is the transmission of our great Western cultural patrimony to our young.  But it is more than that: its aim is to make every student his own man: free and capable of using his reason, fit to take part in that “great conversation” begun in fifth-century Athens and among the people of Israel and continuing to this day ...


See the world ...    from the inside out.

Students at Chavagnes receive their tution from academics resident at the Studium, visiting professors, teachers at the Institut Catholique d'Etudes Supérieures (our nearby French Catholic university) and on a special 11-week residential course at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.


In addition, each module of formation involves a study visit to a different part of Europe, linked to your studies. During your course at Chavagnes, you will discover Paris, Chartres, Bordeaux and other French cities, plus Spain, Italy, the UK, Austria, Hungary, and other European destinations, studting and having fun at the same time. You will not be visiting these places as a tourist, but as an informed scholar, seeking to learn more ...

Study at Chavagnes and prepare for a bright future

The formation you will receive with Chavagnes, as a student on the ICES Liberal Arts programme, will give equip you intellectually for a wide range of future career options, and also qualify you to being a Masters degree. We have a few suggestions of universities which are keen to receive graduates from our Liberal Arts programme onto their Masters courses.


ICES. Vatican-validated 2-year Masters in Catholic Humanities (literature, philosophy, history, cultural studies). 


KUL - Catholic Univerity of Lublin, 2-year MA in Philosophy ...

Our small academic community is a real family of scholars

At Chavagnes, we study, pray and eat together regularly. Around the table, intellectual sparks fly ...


In the words of Blessed John Henry Newman, "when a multitude of young men, keen, open-hearted, sympathetic, and observant, as young men are, come together and freely mix with each other, they are sure to learn one from another ... the conversation of all is a series of lectures to each, and they gain for themselves new ideas and views, fresh matter of thought, and distinct principles for judging and acting, day by day.


(Idea of a University, Discourse 6.) ...



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